Md Saiful Islam Sazin

Web Developer


HOW TO CRAFT A GOOD PROPOSAL I think I tested eight or nine templates before I found the one that works best. Currently, I get three or four responses to every six applications. So, my success rate is between 50 and 70 percent—which is great, in my opinion. Initially, I got one response for every 15-20 proposals I sent. Here are the five things that I’ve found make a good proposal. 1. Keep your proposals short My first proposals were long and I tried to include everything I could in them. Long proposals won’t convince anyone, as no one will

About Me

I am a web developer specialized in Wordpress, WooCommerce, Html5, Bootstrap, CSS3, and jQuery also I have good knowledge in php, javscript, C++, OPP. I create WordPress plugins, fix bugs and improve existing functional if needed.